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Chris Batts

After being tossed in a dumpster by his mother at six months old, Chris grew up in extended family foster homes, had trouble at school, and experienced repeated rejections. For years, he contemplated suicide. Finally, after receiving a heartbreaking call from his mother, he jumped out of a car, hit his head on the pavement, and died. Once his spirit left his body, he traveled to another realm where he met God and two guardian angels. When his time with God was complete, Chris was sent back to Earth with a message: “Tell everyone that God loves them.” Chris also returned to Earth able to communicate with the two angels he met on the other side. These angels helped Chris learn to speak and walk again, and began teaching him about life, love, relationships, discernment, the seven chakras, and other topics. Chris describes himself as a suicide survivor and angel communicator. He actively shares his story, strives to love others, and continues to communicate, every day, with his guardian angels.


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Boom! The Life and Times of a Suicide Near Death Experiencer
By Chris Batts

Amazon Description:

“This is the true story of how I tried to kill myself only to learn to love myself and be happy because my near death experience (NDE) was the best thing that ever happened to me. My NDE amazed me. I didn’t think such things were possible. I never expected to meet God or those I call my guardian angels, but I did. And I never expected to be able to communicate with my guardian angels on an ongoing basis as a result. BOOM! is the true story of my life before and after my NDE from jumping out of a moving car. BOOM! also includes insights and guidance from my guardian angels on the spiritual realms and how to improve our lives on earth.”


I asked [God], “Is there anything you want me to tell these people when I go back to Earth?”

“Go and tell everyone that I love them.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“I prefer my type of music but my angels will telepathically suggest a song I know they like. I put it on. That’s a way I can spend time with them. Our music tastes overlap. I might be vibing to my music and they’ll tell me, ‘That song’s alright,’ but when I put on a song they like, I can feel them jamming. They get happy. They get excited. My angels like soulful music, music about love. The songs they don’t like as much are materialistic songs, the songs only about money.”

“During my NDE, I learned that God likes cleanliness in the sense that we treat ourselves and our surroundings with respect. When we love ourselves and others, we naturally want to be at our best. Aunt Sara, at the bottom of it, was vicious towards others because she was unhappy with herself. She didn’t want to keep her place neat or throw anything out. In time, she became indifferent to paying bills to the point where all utilities got cut off. This was all a reflection of her troubles on the inside.”

“I became more accepting and understanding of others than ever before. Many people are confused and it’s not their fault. Not everyone in life knows their purpose but that is fine. God still loves them. Everybody is here for a reason, and those reasons are huge. This is true for each and every one of us. It’s humbling when you realize this.”

“One time, my angels gave me specific messages on humility. Being humble is being strong enough to accept imperfections in yourself and in others. The first key to humility is to appreciate what people do for you. Tell people how important they are to you. Tell them you love them. They just may need to hear it at the exact time that you are around. Don’t hold back. Next, respect people’s views, no matter what their backgrounds, races, or religions. Even if you disagree with an opinion, understand that there is always a reason why people act or think the way they do. No one is perfect. If we were perfect, we would be boring. The last key to being humble is forgiveness. Continue to do good to people even when they screw you over. The best way to kill hate is to love someone. Just because someone is a certain way does not mean you have to be the same way. You don’t have to be bigger but you have to be smarter and wiser. Show love. Hate will come back to you if you show hate. Misery is the result. That is no way for anyone to live.”

“Many people ask how my life is different after my NDE. I am happier and more at peace. Many things that bothered me before don’t bother me now. In situations where I might get mad at someone in the past, I now see their reason for doing what they did. I am not afraid of dying or of hell anymore. I enjoy life instead of worrying about what others think of me. My experience taught me how to treat people, not through rules or guidelines, but simply based on the love I feel within. I feel more compassion for other people and so much more empathy. Although I never liked hurting anyone’s feelings before, that feeling is now much stronger. I don’t like telling a lie and can’t tell one without feeling like a piece of shit afterwards.”

“My spiritual side is like a free-spirited hippie wearing rainbow colors and talking about peace, the type of person I didn’t consider myself before. There are many people who have spiritual tendencies and don’t even know it. A spiritual person doesn’t judge you, no matter how you look. Spiritual people don’t see appearances. We see spirits and we see the good in even the most damaged person. A spiritual person tries to get better every day. I am very open to learning about new opinions and ideas, especially spiritual ones. Anything that has you searching for God is what it’s all about. Trying to help people is the main objective of life and becomes your mission. I want to motivate people who went through the same things that I did.”

“After my NDE, I can sense the spiritual realm all around us. I automatically pay attention to it.”

“I now perceive nature differently too. Whenever I look at tree or a plant, I notice little aspects that I never saw before. I feel how alive plants are on many levels. I notice whenever plants are sick or dying. They are precious to me and I even talk to them. Animals seem different too. I notice how similar they are to humans. In the quiet pauses between the barks of dogs and meows of cats, I hear them communicating certain words and thoughts. And I pay attention to the purity of my drinking water. Whenever I go by a lake, I feel the presence of God very strongly. There are reminders of my NDE everywhere.”





“You are loved and the reason you are here is to love others; you are loved and your mission here is to help people remember that they are love.”


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