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In May of 1966, 16-year-old Reinee Pasarow of La Crescent, California, became unconscious following an allergic food reaction. During her near-death experience, Rene reports traveling back into time to witness the evolution and history of the human race. She learned how humanity is currently at a turning point and that it must deal with all the obstacles to unity before a new era of universal peace will come. She saw a future of our planet as a world populated with beings of light. Reinee has been interviewed by major television networks, including ABC, CNN and NBC. Her NDE testimony has been heard by people in 45 countries. After her NDE, Reinee went on to graduate from the University of California with a degree in economics. She exhibits the humanitarian aftereffects that many NDErs have. She is a successful business woman and has founded or directed several charitable organizations and projects. In addition, she travels and lectures extensively to make life on Earth more like the one she saw in heaven. Before her NDE, as a child, Reinee was very spiritual and became attracted to the Bahá’í faith. She continues to be a dedicated member of that faith. For many years Reinee has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis; but despite of her disability she has been very active.


September 30, 1950 – January 17, 2020

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Reinee E. Pasarow ascended from her earthly body to her beautiful spirit in heaven on January 17, 2020. She was born on September 30, 1950, in Glendale, CA. She grew up in La Crescenta, CA, and attended UCLA, where she studied economics. She married Michael Pasarow in 1975, and the two started a food brokerage business together in 1986, which they sold in 2002. A lover of the ocean, Reinee cherished her life at the seaside in Caspar, CA. She will be remembered for her sharp intelligence, unique sense of style and great eye for design, steadfast courage, championship of women’s rights, and deep love for her family and her husband Michael. As a prominent member of the Bahá’í community both nationally and internationally, Reinee upheld Bahá’í principles in her everyday life and went on several Bahá’í pilgrimages during her lifetime. The story of her near-death experiences inspired many. Reinee’s spiritual teachings and experiences served as the basis of her 2018 book, Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow. Reinee is survived by five children, four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, her brother, her sister, nieces and nephews, and her beloved husband, Michael. Her greatest hope in life was for the unity and equality of all people.

Published in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 25, 2020


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Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow
By Reinee Pasarow

Amazon Description:

“This is a true story about the near death experience of a woman who died three times and was sent back three times. During her second NDE, her burning questions regarding the fate of mankind were answered.”


“In this other realm, my uncle and I were suddenly merged together… I became aware of things that I could not have known about my uncle in this world. I discovered that he was a person of tremendous courage, though to look at him in this life, you might not know it. Although he was a tall, impressive, stoic-looking individual with classic Native American features, he was also a quiet, reserved, and very humble man. During this reunion, I learned that he was someone who would stand up for things that he truly believed in and that he had struggled with and had overcome some huge challenges in his life. I had never heard him spoken of as a heroic type; however, I learned through this encounter that this courage was almost unspeakably great in him.”


“I came to realize that the people who were most important were often the ones who we might consider to be the least important in this world. I learned to see people very differently, in a new light. To give one example: consider someone who has fought hard to overcome addiction. Such a person might not be looked upon favorably in this physical world for having had an addiction. However, the tremendous struggle, the strength, and the courage that it took to overcome the powerful hold of addiction, is viewed as quite admirable in the next world. Here, we often judge people negatively for the challenges which they face, rather than by the character, fortitude, and courage they develop from facing and overcoming those immense challenges.”


“This being showed me the development of humankind from the beginning of time to some point in the future. This was shown in a holographic sense; in a way that we cannot really perceive in this plane of existence. I perceived, as an archetypal individual, the stages of mankind’s development. It was as though I was some sort of time traveler, experiencing life in the various stages of man’s development as if I were one of them, living amongst them. I felt the Neanderthal — how brutish, dark, needy, and self-centered man was at that particular stage of existence. I felt the conniving politicality of the Romans who thought they were all-powerful in the days of Christ. I felt the great surge of hope surrounding the development of the scientific revolution during the time of the Renaissance. I was impressed with the importance of our new rationality. Then I moved to the current time…

“I became aware that now, in this age, we exist on the precipice of the greatest choice, and the greatest step in our development as a human race. This is the most critical point in our evolution that has ever occurred on the face of this planet. We now have to make the choice as individuals and as a people, to establish unity, peace, and harmony throughout the world. Human beings HAVE to learn how to live together peacefully. Humanity MUST deal with all the obstacles to unity before a new era of universal peace will come. This is the step where we humans will learn how to become truly spiritual human beings on this earth.

“I then saw that there was a small group of people who I knew to be THE JUST — this was the title in words. These people, The Just, were working diligently, striving to bring about peace and unity, to bring about a new way of being and relating. They were trying to develop a new spiritual-social reality which is sorely needed at this point in time. They were striving to bring hope to the world. These people were not powerful. They were not wealthy. They did not have tremendous institutions or powers of influence. They were young and struggling.

“In the process of their struggle to build a new civilization, simultaneously with this wonderful process, there was a great chaos and destruction going throughout the world. People were becoming more and more divided along lines of nationality, skin color, economics, politics, gender, and religion. I saw people holding on passionately to their divisive ideas. People began to polarize, to fight and wage wars all over the world and to be filled with hatred. There was a great destruction of our moral fiber and our love for one another. I saw all of our systems and institutions breaking down into chaos: governments, our educational systems, religious institutions, financial, medical, scientific — all of these systems were breaking down to the point that society was becoming reduced to bands of people acting like ravenous wolves. People were roving the streets filled with hatred, selfishness, and darkness. This terrible sense of division and polarization, especially of race and religion, evolved to the point that every religion was fighting every other religion on the face of the planet — except for the religion of The Just.

“The vision of the future I received during my near-death experience was one of tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of our general ignorance of TRUE reality. The ultimate reality is our spiritual reality — that constant, lasting, abiding reality that doesn’t change with the whims, fancies, and vicissitudes of the human world. I was informed that humanity was breaking the laws of the universe, and as a result of this would suffer. The suffering was not due to vengeance of an indignant God, but rather like the pain one might suffer as a result of arrogantly defying the law of gravity. It was to be an inevitable, educational cleansing of the Earth that would creep up upon its inhabitants, who would try to hide blindly in the institutions of politics, science, and religion. Humanity, I was told, was consumed by the cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, selfishness, greed, chauvinism, and separatist thinking. I saw sense turning to nonsense, and calamity, in the end, turning to providence.

“With this destruction came the destruction of our physical environment, because we were totally unaware of our impact upon physical reality. Along with this great polarization and division among the people, I also saw a great breakdown in love, and that brought a great breakdown of our natural systems. First a hole appeared in the sky, and then the sky broke. The earth began to fracture, to break apart, reflecting the polarization and breaking apart of human society. The sky, and then the earth, broke and shattered as a result of our toxic and polluted hearts. Love is so VERY CRITICAL to our wellbeing as a people, and a lack of it only brings destruction.

“At the end of this general period of transition, humanity was to be ‘born anew’ with a new sense of our place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all kingdoms, was exquisitely painful. Humanity would emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.”



“This recounting for the deeds of one’s life is not what you would think at all in terms of this life. Because what was important were the choices I made. And what was more important than the choices I made, were my motivations and my intent, and really the state of my heart in doing any single action…

“I experienced in a holographic awareness that was instantaneous how every action that one takes is like a stone cast in the water. And if it’s loving, that stone… goes out and touches the first person that it’s intended for and then it touches another person and then it touches another person because that person interacts with other people. And so on and so on. And every action has a reverberating effect on every single one of us on the face of this planet. So if I had committed a loving action, it was like love upon love upon love. A purely loving action was the most wonderful thing that I could ever have achieved in my life. This had more meaning than to have been a Rockefeller, or president of the United States, or to have been a great scientist, and to have invented something just incredible. If I had committed a truly pure and loving action, it had reverberated throughout the stuff of every individual on the planet and I felt… that action reverberating through them and through myself. And I felt this in a way that is beyond… what we can feel on this plane of existence.

“So the significance of one’s actions totally changed. What was not important was anything that I had owned or known intellectually (there is a sense of intellectual pride — not that knowledge is bad, knowledge is good), but what was important was the purity and motivation of every action. And I recall the most important of my actions was an instant I would never have recalled except for the near-death experience. Many years ago I had worked every summer as a volunteer with retarded children. There was a day camp that went on and I spend all summer going every day, eight hours a day, to this day camp. And there was a child, one time… I had taken a child aside on a very hot day. And this was not a charming or a particularly lovable child. But I wanted this child to feel loved. I wanted this child to feel, really, the love of God that brought him into existence and that brought us all into existence. I took him aside, although I wasn’t religiously motivated, formally; I just wanted him to feel love. I took him aside and gave him something to drink and just spent some time with him. And he was very agitated, but I just wanted him to feel that love. And that was the greatest of all actions. And that filled with me with unspeakable and incomprehensible joy. And it was not an action that anyone noticed. And it was not an action that I even recalled. And it was not an action that I had done with any thought of reward. It was simply an action motivated by love. By selfless love. And this had great meaning…”


Watch Reinee’s complete talk here.


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