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Jessica Haynes had her near-death experience in 1983. She was 27 years old at the time, working 10-14 hours a day, seven days a week in marketing and advertising. Her NDE occurred as the result of a horrific car crash. While the driver of the car was unharmed, Jessica suffered terrible injuries. The right side of her face was crushed, her jaw was pulled off, her right eye had been pushed into her skull, the vertebrae in her spine had been crushed and bulged out, the bones in her feet had been shattered, she had no feeling in her legs or toes, and she couldn’t move her body below her waste. Her doctors said that she would be physically disfigured for the rest of her life. According to Jessica, she miraculously recovered from her life-threatening injuries in six months, which astonished her doctors. Today, Jessica is a business and relationship consultant who specializes in helping individuals reach their goals.

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My message is one of hope and enjoying solid results. My message allows you to: Do what you love. Ask for what you want. Have the courage to take risks. Make time for what matters most. Dare to dream big. Let the child within you have fun. Find love. Reach your potential. And create a life well lived.

l. My message works for people in all walks of life.

2. My approach helps individuals to fast-forward and create outcomes that are positive.

3. My techniques and strategies stretch one’s perception.

4. My message endures the test of time.

Thorough my near-death experience in 1983, my concept of reality was vastly expanded. I experienced a miracle healing after being critically injured when the driver of the car crashed at accelerating speed. With this unexplainable healing (see the video) came a gift of being highly intuitive and developing a keen sixth sense. I could send my mind to other places including the past, present, and future, and observe what was going on… what scientists call, Remote Viewing.

I realized I could answer people’s questions in very accurate ways, beyond my psychology and marketing background. While logic and practical application along with my business and marketing skills provides clients with paths to success, my intuitive talent continues to awe individuals with my accuracy and new ways to look at potential opportunities.

I decided in 1983 to help and inspire people’s lives in positive ways. My mission statement became and remains, “To bring the benefit of my abilities to as many people as possible and serve as a catalyst for positive change.” By word of mouth in the early eighties, my vision began to fall into place. Like a ripple effect individuals found me and I answered their questions.

The ripple effect continues to grow. I have worked with royalty, entrepreneurs, business leaders, entertainers, and those seeking a better life. After more than twenty years it continues to be my passion to inspire others. I enjoy being an innovative leader yet down to earth in being socially and environmentally responsible. My mission is not a destination but rather a never ending journey. I look forward to sharing a storehouse of examples, experiences, and success stories that can make a difference in your life.

When you understand and develop your inner strengths you can go from rags to riches. You can improve your health. You can find true and lasting love. You can build a successful and streamlined business as well as create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

I notice that every person has talents and intuitive capabilities. However, not everyone develops their talents and intuition the same way. This makes my web site an incredibly fun and diverse curve for finding solutions and implementing ideas that match your personality, goals, and dreams.

From diverse points of perspective I will share a variety of answers and you can choose what matches your needs and wants.


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