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Erica McKenzie

Erica McKenzie had her near-death experience in 2002. She was 31 years old. Ridiculed as a pre-teen for her appearance, Erica turned to bulimia and became addicted to diet pills. After nine years of compromising her health, she finally collapsed on the floor unconscious. Erica left her body and floated up to the ceiling where she watched paramedics take her body to the ambulance. Then she went through a tunnel of light, met God, experienced two life reviews, and was shown that everyone has special gifts and purposes.

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Dying to Fit In (2015)
By Erica McKenzie

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“In 2002, thirty-one year old Erica McKenzie’s lifelong battle with addiction and body image ended one day when she collapsed to the floor unconscious. Within moments, she was pulled through a tunnel at exhilarating speed and delivered into the hands of God. In Heaven, God revealed the importance of free will and the destiny of mankind. Dying to Fit In is the true story of one woman’s extraordinary near-death experience with God and her journey to Heaven, Hell, and back. Erica discovered God’s Divine plan — a blueprint — unique gifts he bestows on each of us, and the key to unlock their power. She returned with a new mission, to share these messages with the world. But first she would endure many challenges that would test her faith and connection with God and which began with learning to love herself. Her God-given wisdom is a gift beyond price, a gift she shares with readers in this book.”








The Near-Death Experience of Erica McKenzie

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In 2002, Erica McKenzie had her NDE. She was 31 years old. Ridiculed as a pre-teen for her appearance, Erica turned to bulimia and diet pills as a means to fit in with the other girls. All she wanted was to be liked and accepted by her classmates. College was worse and she turned to the Class IV narcotic, Phentermine. While the pills gave her the endurance to be everything to everyone, Erica barely slept or ate. She kept her diet pill secret from her family, but the drug took its toll on her health. Her nine year addiction was killing her. Her heart palpitations and difficulty breathing ended one day in the middle of a conversation when she collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Erica left her body. She floated up to the ceiling, and from there watched paramedics take her body to the ambulance. Then she went through a tunnel made of bright white Light. “I felt unconditional love, and knew that I was going Home.”

Toward the end of the tunnel, “I saw a brilliant golden Light. I merged with the Light yet stayed separate from it at the same time. The Light was all loving and communicated to me that It was God. I asked many questions, and received knowledge telepathically. I saw Heaven as a planet. I saw the earth in flames. I experienced the edge of hell.”

There were two life reviews, as if on a movie screen. In the first, she saw the things she had thought were significant. In the second, she saw the things that God thought were significant: moments of love and kindness. Then she learned about the rippling effect of our words and actions. She saw that each person was given unique gifts to contribute on their earthly journey. She discovered that beauty is internal and lies within our hearts, yet Erica returned to discover that once again she is harshly judged for her looks.

Toward the end of her NDE God said, “Child, you are not staying. Your mission is on earth. Remember, you work for me now.” She did not want to go, but had to obey. She returned with the ability to deliver messages from God to help people embrace their uniqueness and aid in their healing. Erica has spent the past eleven years dedicated delivering those messages.


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