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Alon Anava

Before his near-death experience, Alon Anava, a Jewish man who grew up in Ra’anana, Israel, describes himself as rough, rude, mean, and not a nice person. After his near-death experience, Alon says he was transformed into someone who was nice, calm, courteous, and soft spoken. Whereas before he was a highly trained martial artist, now he attends Yeshiva studying every day, exploring the depths of Torah, refining and elevating himself on a daily basis. Alon also claims to have returned with the ability to connect to God in a way that allows him to connect with others and help them overcome their questions and concerns. During his free time, he shares his near-death experience and what he learned from it. Alon is also a photographer and web designer.

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Notable Quotes

“I felt like trillions of billions of gigabytes of information being downloaded to me. Let me make it a little bit more clear. Imagine a computer; imagine a laptop; a little piece of metal that is worth a hundred dollars. It’s nothing. It’s a piece of metal. You just take a wire. Connect the laptop to the wire. Connect the wire to the wall. And within a split second this little piece of metal that is worthless has access to all the information in the world within a split second using the internet. One press of a button, any type of search you will make that little piece of metal, that computer, has access to get information through the internet — any type of information. I felt like I’m this little entity being connected to the MAIN mother source of information. I can’t even say internet. But the MAIN source of information. And it’s as if endless amount of information is being downloaded to me simultaneously. This is what it was. I was able to see God’s wisdom and derive not normal pleasure for me. There’s no words to describe that pleasure. I get lots of questions about what did you see? What do you mean you saw God’s wisdom. What are the secrets of the universe? There’s really no words to put it in… It’s just understanding something that is beyond what our mind can understand. Our mind is limits. And this is limitless. Something limited cannot understand something limitless.

“As this whole process of the downloading of the information — first of all, nothing stayed. I wasn’t able, I didn’t have the ability to hold it; I didn’t have the ability to sustain it. It just washed me. I didn’t have the vessel to actually hold that information. As it was going, as pleasurable as it was, there was also a tremendous feeling of the opposite of pleasure that I can’t hold it, that I can’t sustain it, that I can’t grasp it and keep it. It says in many sources that our acts in this world create that spiritual vessel that when our soul leaves the body it has the tool to actually hold that Godly life, to hold that Godly revelation, to be able to hold that Godly wisdom. I wasn’t able to hold it. I was able to see it. I was able to enjoy it. But I wasn’t able to hold it. So simultaneously it was a tremendous feel of pleasure and at the same time this very strong feeling of the opposite of pleasure. I really don’t know how to define it. It wasn’t really sorrow. It was a feeling that I can’t keep it. Almost like taking a little kid to a toy store and letting him run there and at the end of it, telling him, ‘OK, now we have to go home and you can’t keep any of the toys. You have to leave all the toys here. Now it’s time to go home.’ ”



“Each one of us has his place in the world. Each one of us has things we need to do. And every deed that we do affects the whole world; every deed, every action that we do — negative or positive — affects the entire universe. That’s the power we have. We have the power to completely change and affect the universe.”

“I came to sell you something. Yes, I’m a salesperson. I came to sell you life insurance… But not the type of life insurance in this world; life insurance for the other world.”

“When you leave this world, you’re not taking nothing with you — nothing but you’re good deeds. You’re not taking money; you’re not taking nothing. You can only take your good deeds and the Torah that you studied. That’s it.”

“When you are standing in front of those judges, everything is just weight. Sometimes a small deed is worth so much. Some small deed that you do in this world can change completely how you are being judged. There are so many little things that you can just do. Just give a smile to another person, be nicer to your wife, be nicer to your kids, be nicer to another person. Be honest…”

“Whatever you do in this world, echoes in eternity.”














Alon Anava Before His NDE

Alon Anava After His NDE


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